"Positive experience, helped me understand and manage not only my feelings but those of others that impacted greatly on me. I found change very difficult to handle, going forward I feel I now have coping strategies in place to manage changes that come my way. Learned a new approach to family relationships - massive positive!" K. S. (Eeva's client)

"Eeva became an important person during a difficult time in my life. I trusted her instantly, and found great comfort in our conversations. I am very thankful to have had her input and perspective, and am proud to say our hard work paid off." DB (Eeva's client)

"The changes in myself have been incredible. Over the course of a year I feel my life has turned around entirely and my outlook / self-esteem / approach to life is 100 times healthier." M. W. (Eeva's client)

"I came to Eeva with a need to learn to talk after years of oppression. She gave me the tools to open up and regain my voice." SRD (Eeva's client)

"It has been a positive experience which has helped me to put things into perspective, see things clearly, and deal with negative thoughts / issues more easily." (Laura's client)

"You get to determine the goals, and given guidance and support on how to achieve them. You are given personal ways to deal with difficult situations and emotions, and encouragement every step of the journey. There aren't any 'quick fixes', and you are an individual. I can now understand that there is no shame in feeling lost and anxious; I am entitled to those feelings, and rather than berate myself, I can encourage myself and understand a bit more the why, and how to overcome it. I feel like I am in control of my life, and that's liberating." J. T. (Eeva's client)

"It has been a journey of epic proportions and I feel has been the most poignant and worthwhile use of time and money. I've benefited hugely from the sessions and have accessed a part of my self that has enriched my day to day life. I feel I have left with a whole new perspective and validation of the feelings and emotions that otherwise would have continued to grow in the shadows. I've essentially learnt to accept and let go."
HK (Laura's client)

"Without exaggeration the counselling journey I have been on in the last 6 months has been one of, if not the most significant events of my life. When I started attending sessions with Private Counselling I was blind to many facets of my own personality, emotional needs which had gone neglected for many years and as a result were finding ways of manifesting themselves in my everyday life in extremely negative ways. Over six months Eeva gently led me through the maze of my own conscious and subconscious decision making process. Never easy and sometimes harrowingly difficult I confronted things about myself that it would have been a lot easier to leave buried under the many layers of protection mechanism I had built on top of them. However, encouraged by Eeva I faced the demons I found there and have become infinitely happier than I was six months ago.

Eeva's contribution on this journey simply cannot be underestimated. Calmly and without judgement or presumption she was always there to listen to whatever I had to say and I had complete and total trust in her. The mechanisms she suggested I use to release myself from some of the guilt I felt about past events were amazingly successful and it is because of her help I genuinely feel like a new person. I cannot thank her enough." D. W. (Eeva's client)
"Through life’s trials and tribulations, I have often sought comfort from those around me. However, through speaking to a counsellor, with no emotional attachment, I learnt to re-discover who I was. I can now look at life differently, and I urge anybody to follow the same path. Thank you so much, Eeva." S. Driscoll (Eeva's client)

"Eeva made it so easy to talk. She made me feel safe and comfortable. Asked important questions to make me look at myself and understand why and how things were. I now feel able to cope a lot better and deal with problems, rather than pushing them under the carpet." Donna G. (Eeva's client)

The most creative act you
will ever undertake is
the act of
creating yourself.

- Deepak Chopra